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Name: Rin Ashisoka Morisato
Nick Name: The broken dragon
Age: 429 years old (looks to be around 29 or 31)
Height: 5’11.75”
Weight: 198.5lbs
Blood type: O-
Personality: Determined, cruel, strategic, sociopath & greedy
Appearance: (Body) Six pack set of abs, slightly muscular yet slender arms, tight firm buttocks, black fingerless nails, violet colored iris, shoulder length messy spiky hair, DD- cup breasts, slender legs, ten black feathered wings, Black lips, slash car on chest, burn scars on back, strange scars on neck & stab scar over heart. (Clothing) dark brown leather boots, skin tight dark blue jeans, dark red thong, black belt, black belly shirt, Dark jean vest, Tight dark red bra, Black Leather jacket, silver choker with a cross inside a pentagram pendent, Brown leather fingerless gloves, silver stud earrings, gold rings on both middle fingers, & diamond stud tongue ring.
Occupation: Fallen angel dragon experiment
Hobbies: Stalking other dragons, studying dragons & collecting dragon powers.
Powers: Create turquoise spears of light that vaporize targets, seal dragons within gem like orbs, absorb orbs into center gem, use absorbed dragons powers & resurrect and control dead creatures.
Sacred Gear: Absolute absorption, (Turquoise full-arm gauntlets with Purple gem in the center of the hands on the back, clawed hands, curved horn-like parts at elbow & spiked shoulders on both her arms)
Sacred Gear Abilities: Absorb all energy and attacks into sacred gear, Absorb souls within sacred gear, (Balance Breaker) Scale mail full body armor, Call of the fallen & soul burst
Preference: Straight
Status: Single
Side: Neutral, doesn’t care about the three sides.
Familiar: Wind sprite, he is as emotional as his master
Family: Unknown

Bio: She used to be a usual angel for over thirty seven years, she was soon cast out when she slew an innocent child out of boredom. Once she was cast out she immediately joined the ranks of the fallen angels, she slew more devils then most and went up in reputation. Twelve years after she became a fallen angel she was forced into a program of which the fallen angels were trying to get create their own dragon from a stolen egg, they managed to hatch the egg and soon taught it many fighting techniques through the core method of absorption. Once the dragon matured enough they slew it and sealed it within sacred gear of their choosing, the fallen angels then forced the sacred gear into her body causing her the most excruciating pain in her life. Once she managed to accept the gear into her soul they all began to experiment on her trying to find what made her be able to accept the sacred gear into her body, they performed many extremely painful experiments on her leaving many scars on her body.

By the time they were at a stopping point she released a large amount of power to release herself, she went on to slaughter the fallen angels experimenting on her of which she went on into hiding. While she was hiding she went on to train her powers to the point she reached balance breaker level, she then began to grow in power via locating strong dragons and absorbing them into her body. She tried to claim both the welsh dragon and the vanishing dragon but they both defeated her before she could even begin to absorb them, eventually when the hosts died she tried to locate them again. She slew any fallen angel that saw her or tried to turn her in but before hand she drained them of their energy, once she was done she moved on to locate other dragons to incorporate into herself. Later down the road she unlocked a new power of which she gained the ability to resurrect dead enemies to serve her, all she needed was to drink one drop of their blood and she would be able to resurrect them once. She soon trained with this ability on normal humans of which she later killed, she started out only able to resurrect one but moved up in numbers through her hard work. She infiltrated all three main realms of which she struck strong angels, fallen angels and devils to which she took a sample of their blood to which she would resurrect them when they died. As time went on she ascended through the ranks until she was at general class, she continues to grow in power through absorbing other dragons into herself.

Extra: The vice governor general of the fallen angels thinks she’s dead since he ordered the experiment she was in to be terminated, unfortunately she has been wondering around gaining more power and causing more destruction. When she isn’t hunting dragons she is spying on the other fallen angels to find members who can serve her purpose, she thought that she could use Raynare but dropped it when she proved to be too stupid to know the feeling of a dragon’s magic. Rin stalked Vali for several weeks but found that she would rather absorb the twin sky dragons at the same time then separate. She hates the three sides for they all had a part in her hell of a life, mostly she hates humans for they are more worthless to her than cross. She can sometimes be found eating weird food as such she likes to put a mixture of chocolate and wasabi on all her food before eating it, people who see this wonder what is wrong with her but later it is revealed that one of the needles that went into her brain struck the area that governed over her taste buds. The scars on her body are mostly from being experimented on of which serve as a reminder, some are from her battles against the devils and angels. Rin is feared among many for she demonstrated her power by destroying a vast amount of land with one spear, when she transforms into her Balance breaker she inspires fear among many even reaching the dragon community. She can avoid death by sacrificing one of the dragons she absorbed to take her place in death yet retain the powers. In one attack she blew off the muscle and skin off her right hand, she wore her sacred gear for the whole time of healing her hand. When she revives someone from the dead they rise through either the ground or they rematerialize naked covered in sweat, so far she has revived many including Raynare, Kalawarner, Dohnaseek, Mittelt & Katerea Leviathan. They all tried to kill her but she beat them to the point they were nearly dead again, afterwards they submitted to her after she stole an experimental new devil set of which she has made Katerea Leviathan her queen piece. Kalawarner serves as the first rook, Dohnaseek as her first knight, Mittelt as her first pawn & Raynare as her first bishop. She plans to have more pieces but she needs to find ones worthy of her time and powerful enough to serve as her tools, she tried to take two fighters for hire but they easily defeated her of which she learned after seventeen times she will never defeat them.

High School DxD OC: Rin Ashisoka Morisato

My boyfriend got me to make this character after he made me watch several hours worth of the anime, In exchange he did something for me that a large amount of you will disapprove of. I made her to shut him up and thus I have not much interest in her, any questions should be directed to me of which I will answer them when I feel like talking. Currently I am reading a large amount of fanfictions while my cousin stays with me, she has a horrible strong addiction to the american show "Ben 10" though she goes for all of the series. Even worse is the fact she loves the aliens called "Way Bad" and even picked out a certain one to love above all of them, she even made a short story of the Character Ben Tennesyson taming said way bad (She named the female "Nebula").

Anyway if you don't like the character then screw you, choose to irriatate me for fun then bed the #3!! over because my foot will be going so far up your @$$ I'll be using you as stockingsto go with my shoes.

Happy as can be, the person I hate the most is completely miserable. It brings my heart joy to know the man I despise is broken and weeping, his pain is truly a beautiful thing.
tired and bored, waiting on a single thing
To all that know me I have hit the panicle of happiness because earlier today as my boyfriend went to lunch he found the person I hate with all my heart crying in true pain from the heart. He even recorded it on his phone and sent it to me, the very sight of him cry brought a rare smile to my face. When I asked my boyfriend why he was crying he stated that during lunch he called his mothers family and they all stated to him that they don't even know who he is, they even went as far as saying they didn't know he even existed. I loved it and even more so I heard he was completely heart broken over being forgotten by his family that he shed tears, upon further examination of the video I noticed that he was also listening to a message. Luckily by boyfriend borrowed his phone to allow me to know what the message was, it turns out that that an old family friend from his mothers side told him they saw him as nothing more as his mothers biggest mistake and wonders why god didn't kill him yet. My eldest brother  says if he had the right equipment then he would further the pain to the man I hate by making his mothers voice insult him, the very idea makes me so happy at his pain.
  • Mood: Bliss
  • Listening to: A violin
  • Reading: The art of combat
  • Watching: N/A
  • Playing: N/A
  • Eating: a tomatoe
  • Drinking: ice water


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